Best casino software

From the beginning, online games designed for mobile phones learned a lot from the strategies used in the best casino software. It is no secret to anyone that free games with integrated purchases are leading the market in sales and income every year in the video game industry. Titles such as Clash Royale, Fortnite or Free Fire did their studies well and developed games that are vending machines, many of the techniques they use come from the classic slot machines and the casinos of a lifetime. Now the trend is reversing and, in this article, we will tell you how software developers are applying video game features in online casinos.

The new trends

Top betting sites authorized to work in the UK know that the best online casino software is key to business success, which is why they now look, sound and feel like real online games. What are the current trends? How the casino industry is learning and changing through video games. What do they have in common?

These are several similarities that we can find between online casino games developed with modern software and the most successful titles with integrated purchases:

Structure by levels

The most basic of a classic video game: Advance levels. Imagine that you are at the advanced level of a video game where you cannot save and leave. Would you stand up from the chair? I don’t think so, you would keep playing whatever the cost.

In video games, each level implies a greater difficulty, online casinos apply the same philosophy, but they also give you increasingly better rewards, so the temptation to continue spending on your game will be increasingly difficult to abandon.

Level bosses

A good level structure would not be complete without its bosses; these are the omen that something more difficult is coming. In this case, the more difficult the boss, the more money she will have behind. If you thought you had a taste of adrenaline from defeating Zeus in chaos mode in God of War, or the Nameless King in Dark Souls III, you are wrong. You do not know what it feels like to defeat a boss of an online casino game, so we’ll explain it to you:

You’re in a slot set in an elven world with top-notch graphics and incredible sound effects, and oh my god! You have got the three combat runes you needed, now you can face a boss to get nothing more and nothing less than a multiplier by 10! Yes, all the money you make will be 10 times more now. The adrenaline and emotion you feel when attacking the boss with your avatar to multiply your money are unmatched.

Credits to play

It does seem obvious to talk about credits when it comes to the topic of new casinos UK and gaming machines, but did you know that online games apply the same and even more modern concept, now online casinos have learned about the strategy of credits in games and are applying.

Good online casino software not only allows you to have stunning visuals, cinematics and sound effects but also to create innovative game mechanics and dynamics. In a game as simple as Candy Crush, the concept of playing credit is very clear. To continue advancing in the game you need lives, Candy Crush does not let you play as much as you want, each game costs you lives whether you win or lose. To continue enjoying it, there was no choice but to ask your friends for lives, buy them or see some advertising.

Top online casinos took advantage of this concept and now in their games, you can pass some test to continue playing or get more turns. In Lilith’s Inferno, for example, you can hit an evil Amazonian gorilla looking like a level boss to get more spins on the roulette wheel, you also have to do it right, the more versatile you are fighting the monster, the more turns you can get.

The need for a good video game designer and quality to get the best casino software to succeed in the growing market is becoming more and more evident.