Devices to play casino games

Many users believe that they can only participate in online games through their computer. However, the best online casinos UK have versions for more than one platform. When opting for an online casino site, make sure that it has a format suitable for the device you have at home. Of course, most (or all) are suitable for playing through the computer. Some others have versions for cell phones. And only very few accept other platforms.

What types of online games are there?

The universe of games is huge and to list them one by one would be for you to spend 2 hours reading this article, however, we will be more practical and we will label them as follows:

Video games

Are those that are dedicated to specific platforms of this and that have an entire industry and companies behind it. They are the heavy hitters, each title is sold for a specific amount on certain platforms, players buy them, stream and more. They tend to need a PC, laptop, or console to run them.

Online casino games

Online casino games such as slots, poker, online blackjack, and roulette, have become extremely popular nowadays, as store-goers now take advantage of those sites and they play from home. At the beginning of online casinos, you could only play poker and little by little others such as roulette, slots, or blackjack were incorporated. Today, that number of options has increased and today the best sites have up to twenty different game options, most of them with an incredible no deposit bonus attached to it.

Having been the originator of this type of entertainment, computers are devices by definition. If you have a fast PC, with a good Internet connection and appropriate hardware (mouse and keyboard that work well), this is the best alternative to place your bets.

At present, we are all with our cell phones 24 hours a day, and this is what makes many users lately choose to enjoy online casinos through this device. The comfort it gives is less than that of the computer but even so, the fact that it can be – as its name says – “mobile”, causes many to choose this alternative.

Until a few years ago, cell phone technology was not the most appropriate to load the pages of online games and the obstacles it had gave more than one headache. Today, developers are getting better and better and they already match those of websites. Apps allow you to enjoy this leisure to perfection. And anywhere!


Leaving the classic terrain, we find tablets, an instrument that was very fashionable a few years ago and now lost a bit of popularity. Its peak was between 2010 and 2012 and that is why although fewer tablets are currently sold, most have (or know someone who has) one.

The benefits of playing on the tablet? Not many. It is similar to that of cell phones since most have Android or iOS systems, but it is less practical to move. However, those who choose it, emphasize that they can keep the games separate from their mobile phone and that they have a better view of the screen as it is larger.

Social games

Social games are those that you can play from your favourite social networks like Facebook or that you can download on your mobile and invite your friends from the networks to play with you and pass the levels, an example is the Gardenscape with its famous butler.

Flash games

Finally, the occasional games, those that you enter from time to time, that you have on the computer or that are on pages. You sure played one when you were younger. They call it flash games because most of them were transmitted or developed with this famous Adobe program.


Unfortunately, consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo still do not allow to enjoy online casinos. Although they have games that are online and with similar themes, they did not enable the possibility for their users to participate in the online casino.