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If you are new to the world of top online casinos and you still do not know the most recent versions of the free video slots that exist on the internet, first it would be good to know some tips to be able to take advantage of them and live to the maximum each of the opportunities offered by this online gambling and betting. Especially now that slot machines have modern designs whose images and sounds are of high quality, thanks to the advances that software developers have implemented in most casino games.

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To enter an online casino and enjoy this interesting betting game, you simply have to know which are the most popular slots in the UK and the rest of the world, so visiting great specialized sites such as Just like you must choose the online casino whose bonuses are the best, in order to be able to get a lot of winnings during the game.

Free Spin Bonuses

In general, most online casinos have excellent welcome bonuses, allow you to choose the number of lines and reels to play the slots, as well as provide themed slots and free versions. If the online casino you chose has bonuses with special symbols, free spins and multipliers, it is undoubtedly the ideal casino to play the best online slots UK, since these types of welcome bonuses are essential to be able to advance in the game and get many more benefits, opportunities and great prizes.

For example, the bonus of special symbols can be presented during the game with the symbol “Wild” and is used as a wild by which one seeks to create new winning combinations by substituting a symbol on the reel for the Wild. Also within this category, a “Bonus” is usually awarded with consecutive rounds are obtained that are a kind of mini-games where prizes can be won automatically.

While the free spins bonuses are awarded to the player when special symbols (Wild or Scatter) appear on the reels, getting numerous free spins as gifts. Sometimes you can get 5 or more Free Spins to increase your winnings and your chances of hitting the jackpot at online slots. However, the best of these bonuses are the multipliers, since they usually come out during the game in the form of special symbols or free spins with which the user’s money is doubled. But in addition to being presented as a x2 multiplier, there are also slots with x100 and up to x400.

Final Words

So the way to play slots turns out to be very simple, you just have to know how many reels and lines the slot machine has. Some will have between 3 and 5 reels, while others will have numerous pay lines. Today the most requested are 3D slots and those that allow you to play for free. Currently, many titles, which previously only had paid versions, have become free mobile casino games that can be accessed from any device and enjoy all their characters, levels or scenarios in the same way.

Some of the most popular free slot games are those that have themes of well-known movies or series, thus existing slots of Iron Man 2, James Dean and Game of Thrones. These types of games are among the best free online slots.

It is said that men are more attracted to these types of games when they are on the web, since for example the Iron Man 2 game that is based on the hit Marvel movie, offers a multiplier that goes up to x6 and has amazing graphics, which attracts a lot of players. On the other hand, the James Dean slot machine, which is inspired by this iconic character from the United States, attracts more women and its symbols are closely related to action, the world of cinema and the character as such. The advantage of this slot is that it has “re-spins Wild”, prizes of 10 free spins and numerous bonuses that help the player to obtain large amounts of money.