Online Craps

Let’s play online craps! One of the most skilful, fun and exciting casino games. Craps is played with only two dice at a table designed for this purpose and consists of betting on the result that will be obtained when the dice are rolled in the next roll or in a complete round. Today we are going to get to know this world-famous game a little better and that is present in most casinos. The most widespread modality is the one that where you bet against the house (or bank), although there are other versions in which the players bet against each other, as in the case of street craps.

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History of craps

No one knows exactly when dice were invented. In fact, different theories circulate. There is strong evidence that ancient Roman soldiers gambled by throwing pig bones on their shields, which led to the phrase “roll the bones” still used today. Others argue that the game was created during the crusades, as a way to keep soldiers busy during long sieges.

Thus, the origin of the dice is difficult to trace and can be traced back to the Romans, subsequently receiving great French influence. However, what no one can deny is that the origins of craps are intimately linked to hazard – a well-known entertainment in medieval Europe. In this game, the dice were made with animal bones (especially using the knuckles). Even in the texts of the time, the dice are directly called “bones”.

For its part, the popularity of hazard expanded in England in the 1600s and 1700s. Even the gentleman Falstaff, a character created by William Shakespeare, claims to roll the dice in one of his works. Over the years craps would develop as a simplification of the British hazard mode. Later what would become the modern American variant of the game was introduced by the French-born nobleman Bernardo de Marigny to the New Orleans gambling community.

Online Craps – The rules

The shooter begins the game by making at least a minimum bet to pass or fail the line. He rolls both dice, having to hit the wall on the other side of the table before taking his final position. It is worth mentioning that, if we play online, these actions will simply appear simulated on our screen.

The player acting as a shooter moves from one to the other around the table, in a clockwise direction. Many define it as the most complex section of the top betting sites, and perhaps also because of this, it seems to have lost steam lately. Which is a shame, because the best bets in craps are very easy to understand. The difficulty comes once we start paying attention to all the impossible bets that favour the house by a ridiculous margin.

There is no doubt that it is possible to play and enjoy the game while ignoring the most extravagant bets and without worrying about their bombastic terminology.

Possibilities for the future

Due to the complicated nature of the game of craps, we recommend that you try for free before betting with real money. In this sense, the best online casinos provide several options: playing in demo mode, as a condition for getting a no deposit bonus, etc. All of these for free, without the need to deposit real money.

Regarding its social character, we are convinced that as its version of online play evolves and new ways to participate are introduced, craps will attract new fans as tells us. Because this game, which is part of the identity of the casino, is really worth it; both for being one of the most exciting that exist and attending to the statistics. Experts say that if played wisely, the player is as likely to do as well as the dealer. For these reasons, it is likely that craps continued to be played in America for as many centuries as the English played hazard. Let’s hope so.