Sign up bonus

Online casino operators use sign up bonuses or welcome bonuses as one of their main strategies to attract new players by offering them interesting advantages on some of their most famous game titles.  Specifically, these subscription bonuses are offered to motivate fans to subscribe and try the games that the casino offers on its website.

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What are the different types of welcome bonuses

In the best online casinos, we can find different types of welcome bonuses, and the offer of the casinos varies according to the market niche to which it is directed. Here we collect some of the most popular variations that we can find.

100% cash bonuses

For many casinos, the best welcome offers make up a percentage of the amount initially deposited by the player. These percentages can be very different, 30% or 50%, for example. However, the most popular variety is the 100% bonus offer, which in practice means that if a player deposits £100, they can start playing with £200 in their account. A variation of these types of offers are matching bonuses, which instead of focusing on a percentage, match the player’s initial deposit. These types of casino bonuses can carry some wagering requirements that must be met before withdrawing money, so it is necessary to always read the terms and conditions.

Cash bonuses of 200 or 300%

Some casinos take things even further and provide bonus offers of 200 or 300%, but we must note that these bonuses, apart from the wagering requirements, may come with lower limits. It is not surprising to find 200% bonuses with a limit of up to £50 or £100. All these restrictions are also included in the terms and conditions of these welcome bonuses.

Bonuses without deposit

These bonuses, as the name suggests, do not require us to make a deposit to receive them. The online casino no deposit welcome bonus provides the opportunity to test the casino’s services and games without having to invest any money to value them. However, we must note that these bonuses can be provided as bonus money, not real money, and cannot themselves be withdrawn. They will always also be subject to wagering requirements.

Free spins

Free spin bonus can be offered separately, but typically they accompany some other casinos welcome bonus offer. Of course, in the case of free spins and other great slot bonuses once again we have to check the fine print. Many casinos link these free spins to certain specific slot machine games, and you may also find yourself with minimum stake levels to be able to use them, so please inform yourself beforehand by reading specialized sites such as

What kind of welcome bonus is preferable?

With such a diverse offering of welcome bonuses, players can afford to be more selective about the bonus they wish to claim. One of the main differences between promotions is whether they are withdrawable or non-withdrawable. It can be considered to be a withdrawable bonus when, after meeting the wagering requirements, the player can keep the bonus as real money in their account balance. Non-withdrawable bonuses can be used to play free other top online casino games, but they never become part of the player’s balance as real cash, instead they disappear after being used or after a specified period of time. The most obvious exponent of these types of bonuses is free spins, although no deposit bonuses work that way in many cases as well. Obviously, withdrawable bonuses tend to be more interesting for players, but generally, to receive these types of bonuses you always have to make a deposit.