Top real casinos

Before the best online casinos were a thing, players would have to go to a real establishment to play their favourite games. That’s why there are many casinos resorts around the world with huge surfaces dedicated to gambling. Such are the magnitudes of some of the largest casinos in the world, that getting lost in them is usually the norm. Here is a list of the top largest and best casinos in the world.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Located in Atlantic City it has a playing area of ​​50,000 square meters. The plant shares space with 4,100 electronic entertainment machines, 285 gaming tables, which include poker tables. The hotel has 2002 rooms and 17 bars.

Casino Lisbon

As its name indicates, this casino is located in the Portuguese capital. It has a total of 1,000 slot machines, 26 gaming tables in an area of ​​more than 50,000 square meters. You can also find 7 bars and 1,000 hotel beds.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

This casino is in the city of Las Vegas and its playing area occupies 51,816 square meters. In the plant, you can find 2,300 electronic gaming machines. It has a total of 17 card and card tables including poker tables. It has 5,044 rooms and 20 bars.

Sands Macau

From Macao – China comes this resort that has 69,800 square meters. In its gaming floor, you can find 750 electronic machines. In total, 1,000 card and card tables, including blackjack tables. You can quench your thirst in one of the 7 bars it has or perhaps thinks about your next game strategy in one of the 51 rooms it has.

MGM Grand Macao

The sixth-largest casino in the world also comes from the Chinese city of Macau. Its playing surface occupies 67,650 square meters. 835 electronic gaming machines and 410 games and card tables where you can also enjoy poker. It has 12 bars and 593 hotel rooms to make you feel at home.

Tusk Rio Casino Resort

Located in the South African town of Klerksdorp. This casino has a floor area of ​​81,177 square meters. Arranged on the surface are a total of 257 electronic gaming machines. Twelve of them are game tables in which the poker tables are included.

Ponte 16 Resort

We return to the Chinese city of Macau to tell you about the fourth-largest casino in the world. Its gaming floor occupies a total of 82,296 square meters in which 320 electronic entertainment machines are located. In addition, it has 150 table games in which the poker tables are included. If after an intense day of play you find yourself tired, don’t worry. You can relax in one of the 423 rooms that the resort has or visit one of the 3 bars.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

We travelled to the American state of Connecticut to visit the third-largest casino in the world. Specifically located in the town of Ledyard, this entertainment giant has 103,632 square meters. In them, you can lose yourself, or much better, enjoy one of the 7,000 electronic gaming machines it has. If yours are game tables, don’t worry, you have 400 to choose from, including poker tables. After a day of leisure you can enjoy a drink in one of the 29 bars or if you prefer to rest in one of the 824 rooms of the resort.

City of Dreams Resort

Its name already indicates it, the city of dreams, a paradise in which to enjoy 1,350 electronic gaming machines arranged in 128,000 square meters of casino. It has a total of 520 card and card tables, including poker tables. Choose one of the 14 bars to quench your thirst, and if you wish, you can stay in one of its 1,400 hotel rooms.

The Venetian Macao

It is no coincidence that four of the ten largest casinos in the world are located in China. With the permission of Las Vegas, we can say that Macau is the gambling capital, at least on the Asian continent. This gaming giant has an area of 166,420 square meters in which it houses 3,000 electronic gaming machines. You also have to add the 870 game tables and cards that it has, including the poker tables. To cover all the needs of the players, it has 24 bars and 3,000 hotel rooms.